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AED Maintenance & Management

AED Service America is the only company in North America whose primary focus is on AED maintenance and management. While other companies may provide this service as a secondary offering it is not their area of expertise or focus. What this means to you is simple; You can be assured that you will have the best team in America supporting, protecting and keeping a watchful eye over your AED deployment.

AED Sales & Service

AED Service America offers a consultative approach to the most recognized and dependable AEDs in the industry. Beyond that, we offer “free” site analysis to determine quantity and AED placement based on the recommendations of the AHA guidelines as well as State and Federal compliance protocols.

Program Management

When deploying a PAD (public access defibrillation) program, there are compliance issues at a federal and state level. In most states, there are AED laws that AED owners must comply with to be protected. Our AED Certified AED experts will apprise you of any such law specific to your state and keep you abreast of any legislation that may change.
Even in those States not requiring them, they are regarded as “best practices”. It is optimal to have each implemented. The following AED SERVICE AMERICA service offering is part of our Response Ready Program Management solution, which is designed to comply with all federal as well as state regulations.

AED/CPR/First Aid Certification

C. AED/CPR/First Aid Certification: Each of our certified training educators must pass a rigorous background check. AED Service America provides the highest quality training to maintain continuity and security.
1. You will be sent a link to self-schedule the exact time and date of your training. You simply specify the date, time of day and location of your training.
2. You may elect to have as many as 12 students in your certification classes.
Our Response
Ready Training solution includes AED & CPR (other options available). Duration of class depends on options selected and varies from 3-4 hours. Certificates are issued to each student at end of class and are valid for two years.
Our classes are taught by accredited instructors that have been background tested and screened to instill confidence and security. Our classes are provided for up to twelve students per session.

Medical Direction, Oversight, Authorization

A. Medical Prescription: An AED is a class-III medical device and as such, AED owners are required to have a medical prescription. AED SERVICE AMERICA provides clients with a medical prescription to cover your entire deployment.
B. Medical Oversight/Medical Direction: Many states require a physician to oversee your AED deployment.
AED SERVICE AMERICA Medical Director will oversee and approve response protocols (pre-incident and post-incident), as well as oversee event reporting data as required.

AED Tracking and Data Management

D. Tracking of Equipment and Personnel: Compliance in most States requires clients to develop a reporting mechanism by which AED electrode pads, as well as battery expirations dates, are monitored to ensure that all dates have not expired. Additionally, this recording mechanism must also serve to notify clients when trained responders have reached the end of their certifications

Services Overview

Program Management:

Most States now require you to maintain specific practices for compliance with state and federal AED legislation. Those guidelines may include; Medical Prescription
-Medial Direction & Oversight
-Data Management and Tracking of Equipment and Certifications
-CPR/AED Training (some may also require First Aid, BBP and 02 certifications.
Each of our Response Ready Program Management Solutions are designed to ensure your compliance in all fifty states.

AED Management:

Each of our Response Ready AED Management solutions is tailored to meet your specific requirements.
-Want a professional inspection of your AED deployment once a year? We have a plan for that!
-Want us to change your pads and batteries as they expire? We have a plan for that!
-Ever manage an AED recall? You know what a logistical nightmare that can be. Let us manage your recall for you, we have a plan for that!
Each of our Response Ready Programs whether it is our; Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum was created by simply listening to our client’s. If you have a specific need, please let us know and we will advise you on what plan will best match your needs.

Data Management:

Given the fact that 47% of all AED failures are a direct result of missing and expired pads and/or batteries, it is vital and mandatory that your AEDs are properly tracked and managed. In most states, it is now a legal requirement for AED owners to maintain accurate tracking.
Each of our Response Ready Programs includes data management for AED expiration dates as well as for all certifications held by your lay-responders. Our tracking system will automatically email you timely expiration notifications to keep you informed of your deployment parameters. You have complete access to your private online portal 24/7/365 from any computer, tablet or smart-phone anywhere in the world.
Not ready commit to a service plan just yet? No sweat! Just send us your AED serial numbers and expiration dates. We will gladly enter them into our password-protected-portal for you, for FREE! No strings attached!
You can also sign up for free at your convenience. Our data management portal is located at


Special offer
to our clients

To schedule a free, no-strings-attached, RESPONSE READY consultation with a Certified AED Service America expert, give us a call at 860-970-3250 or email
We will share AED deployment best practices as well as address the legal requirements specific to the state or states your deployment is located in. You will not only gain the confidence to deploy and maintain an AED deployment, you will also gain the knowledge to do it right!

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Unique Services

AED SERVICE AMERICA is the only company in North America to exclusively focus on professionally maintaining and managing your AED deployment. While other companies may offer this service as a secondary offering, you can be assured, the performance and safety of your AEDs is what drives our business! NOBODY does a more comprehensive or professional job at maintaining and managing your AEDs than AED-Service America. Period!

Each AED we inspect, we also interrogate (when possible) to evaluate the internal operating, self-testing features. Beyond that, each AED and all pertinent information is entered into our proprietary monitoring software where expiration dates of equipment, responder certifications and much more can be viewed by you from any smart phone, tablet or computer, 24/7/365.
Our motto is a simple one; “WE SAVE LIVES” by ensuring your AEDs are always “RESPONSE READY”!

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